Ska-P in Thessaloniki

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I like ska music. Most of it is very cheerful. I heard about SKA-P 5-6 years ago. They are one of the most popular ska bands in the world. I downloaded some albums and I really liked them. Unfortunately I do not speak Spanish and I do not understand most of the lyrics. Still I really enjoy their songs and they give me a lot of energy when I travel, practice snowboarding or working. I have their songs in my mobile phone, in the car and on my laptop.

Last year during one of the snowboard weekends I met a guy who had attended a SKA-P concert in Barcelona. He was really excited about their performance.

Thus I felt very lucky to understand that Ska-P were going to have a concert in Thessaloníki, Greece.

ska-p poster

SKA-P Poster

About a month ago a friend of mine bought tickets online for a lot of people. So on 16 May 2009, in the early spring morning some friends and I were on our way to the Greece border.

The distance between Sofia and Thessaloníki is less than 400 km, so it takes between 4 and 5 hours with a car. Since Bulgaria and Greece are in the European Union, there is usually no delay on the border.

We arrived in Thessaloníki at noon.

We were planning to stay in a nice small hostel. We reached it using the GPS system.

The hostel in Thessaloniki

The hostel in Thessaloniki

We left the luggage in the car and went to see some friends who had arrived on the previous day.

Ready to meet the friends

Ready to meet the friends

Actually we knew many peoples who were going to attend the concert.

As long as I know there were more than 200 Bulgarians with tickets for Ska-P.

We had a walk towards the sea. Everybody were excited about the upcoming concert.

Bulgarians walking in Thessaloniki

Bulgarians walking in Thessaloniki

The local people were very friendly. They explained us how to get to the Makedonikos Stadium in the evening.

We enjoyed the walk and made some nice photos of Thessaloníki.

Making photos of Thessaloniki

Making photos of Thessaloniki

The real photographer

The real photographer

Actually I have been 4 times in Greece, but mainly in the southern part, in Athens and the surrounding destinations.This was my first journey in Thessaloníki. I think that it is a very beautiful and attractive city, where ancient and modern are mixed together.

The white tower, Thessaloniki

The white tower, Thessaloniki

The Statue of Alexander The Great

The Statue of Alexander The Great

The boardwalk was pleasant, but exhausting. We had a lot of fun, but we were also really hungry. Thus we headed towards a cosy restaurant near the harbor.

Ready for lunch guys?

Ready for lunch guys?

The food was delicious. After the lunch we returned to the hostel, put the baggage inside, took a shower and were ready for the concert.

A view from the hostel's terrace

A view from the hostel's terrace

We went to the stadium by car. There was an enormous crowd of people waiting to enter the Makedonikos Stadium.

At last we were inside. The supporting band was 63 High. They were playing quite well and since they are a Greek band, the crowd was singing with them.

63 High at Makedonikos Stadium,Thessaloniki, 16 May 2009

63 High at Makedonikos Stadium,Thessaloniki, 16 May 2009

The length of their performance was about 1 hour.

There was a break and we took our time to get some beer. I meet a lot of ex-classmates and friends ready to enjoy the Ska-P show.

We just grabbed our beers when we heard the first guitar riffs.

The SKA-P concert started. Unfortunately it was already dark and the mobile phone camera is not good for night photos. However, there are good videos from the concert on the web site.

I have been to many concerts in Bulgaria and abroad, but this was one of the best. It was amazing. SKA-P played with such an energy that they made all the crowd dancing, jumping and singing with them for 2 hours. They were performing with their hearts and souls.

The concert ended with several encores and a lot of smiles on the people’s faces.

After the concert some local hooligans started a fight and burned several cars, but luckily there were no very serious problems for the visitors.

We went to take a rest in the hostel and on the Sunday early morning we were on our way back home.

The concert was really great and I will be glad to see another live SKA-P performance in the future.

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