Ska-P in Thessaloniki

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I like ska music. Most of it is very cheerful. I heard about SKA-P 5-6 years ago. They are one of the most popular ska bands in the world. I downloaded some albums and I really liked them. Unfortunately I do not speak Spanish and I do not understand most of the lyrics. Still I really enjoy their songs and they give me a lot of energy when I travel, practice snowboarding or working. I have their songs in my mobile phone, in the car and on my laptop.

Last year during one of the snowboard weekends I met a guy who had attended a SKA-P concert in Barcelona. He was really excited about their performance.

Thus I felt very lucky to understand that Ska-P were going to have a concert in Thessaloníki, Greece.

ska-p poster

SKA-P Poster

About a month ago a friend of mine bought tickets online for a lot of people. So on 16 May 2009, in the early spring morning some friends and I were on our way to the Greece border.

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Miracles of the East – Thailand

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In a cold March morning I felt quite exited. I was on my way to the Sofia airport. I was going to start my first journey to Asia. My destination was Bangkok, Thailand.

So I caught a plane to Amsterdam, stayed at the Schiphol airport for about 11 hours and took another flight to Bangkok.

The Bangkok tourist map

The Bangkok tourist map

I arrived there at noon on 6th March. The weather was much warmer that the one in Bulgaria. It was a sunny day and the temperature was about 30 degrees. A friend and an ex-classmate of mine met me at the Suvarnabhumi airport. His name is Andy. He works as a model and he is a co-owner of a model agency. We loaded my baggage in a car and we headed towards his apartment. The first thing which makes an impression in Bangkok is the traffic.

Traffic in Bangkok

Traffic in Bangkok

Although the roads have several lanes in each direction, it is quite heavy. However, I guess this is normal for an enormous megapolis with a population of about 10 million people. I have the impression that Bulgarians drive quite crazy, but at least we use car indicators when we want to make a turn or to change the lane. The Thai drivers do not give road to anyone and change the lanes without signaling for that. To be honest I am scared to drive there. It was very strange that for 12 days in Thailand I have not noticed a single car accident. There are so many lucky drivers :).

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