A snowboard trip in Rila Mountain

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It took me several days to decide from which journey to start. At last I have picked the most recent one – the snowboard journey to Rila Mountain. About 10 days ago some friends and I decided to spend a night in the Rila Lakes Hut, which is located near the beautiful 7 Rila Lakes.

the road to Rila

The road to the Rila

So we prepared our equipment in the Saturday early morning and we were ready to start the trip. We begun the journey from Sofia, the Bulgarian capital. The distance to the mountain is near 100 km. It took us about hour and a half to arrive at the parking spot near the Pionerska hut.

From there we have to walk more than 2 hours through the forest to reach the Rila Lakes hut and more important, the wide snowy slopes above it.

The alternative transportation, which is usually preferred by some lazy people like me, were the so called “Rack Track” vehicles. I was eager to try it, but unfortunately they had a maintenance day and they were not willing to take us to the hut.

The alternative transportation

The alternative transportation

There is also a lift ready to be launched, but nobody knows if this will happen this season.

The lift

The lift

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